Tim’s BMW Site

For over fifteen years I worked on numerous BMWs. At this time I am not updating the BMW section of this site much further, but these articles remain to assist others in their ventures. As always, please reach out to me with any inquiries! DISCLAIMER: This website is full of how-to articles that I have written while working on my own vehicles. I assume no liability for any procedure that you undertake, regardless of the outcome. If you are unsure of how to proceed, please consult a service manual or bring your vehicle to a qualified technician.

BMW how-to articles:

Timing Case Profile Gasket – BMW 318i and 318iS – E30 and E36 – M42 engine 

The article I am “most famous” for; In 1999 I had to pull the head off my ’91 E30 BMW 318iS to replace a troublesome gasket and there was not a photo do-it-yourself article at the time.

Convertible Hardtop Headliner replacement – E36 318i 325i 328i M3

I reupholstered the hard top for a 1995 BMW convertible. Hardtops are rare and good headliners are even more rare.

E36 M3 – lots of various technical articles and findings from a few years of driving one

Stereo install, seatback cable repair, cleaning MAF, Door striker switch, differential fluid drain and fill – and more!