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As I continue to fix and maintain my 2007 XC90 and 2005 V50, I will post “do-it-yourself” instructions here for fellow Volvo owners who like to tackle their own maintenance and repairs.

DISCLAIMER: This website is full of how-to articles that I have written while working on my own vehicles. I assume no liability for any procedure that you undertake, regardless of the outcome. If you are unsure of how to proceed, please consult a service manual or bring your vehicle to a qualified technician.

Volvo XC90 Transmission Flush with DiCE fluid reset

Volvo Alarm System Activation Cause Analysis – with VIDA / DiCE

Volvo XC90 – Disable Daytime Running Lights with VIDA / DiCE

XC90 – Reset CCM with VIDA/DiCE to remedy HVAC blend door actuation noise

Volvo XC90 – Reset SRI (Service Reminder Indicator) or “Time for Regular Maintenance” message

XC90 – VIDEO how-to – Brake Vacuum Pump Oil Leak Re-seal

V50 T5 – VIDEO how-to – Front Brake Rotor and Pad Replacement

XC90 – Rear Brake Pad Replacement – How-to article

XC90 – Valentine-1 Radar Detector Installation, + 12V switched hardwire