Reset Volvo “Time for regular maintenance” message with VIDA/DiCE

The “time for regular maintenance” or “time for regular service” light is a non-critical message that serves as a reminder. For those of us who perform our own oil changes, the reminder can be a bit of a nuisance more than anything. My XC90 was not fond of my attempts to reset the message via the trip meter method, so I plugged in the DiCE. Using VIDA was frankly the much easier method in my case.

  1. Connect DiCE to computer, launch VIDA, ensure connectivity/read vehicle profile
  2. Navigate to “Diagnostics” tab
  3. Navigate to “Vehicle Communications” sub-tab
  4. Click on the DIM or Driver Information Module component in the vehicle diagram
  5. Click the “Advanced” tab underneath the vehicle diagram
  6. Click the VCT2000 symbol
  7. In the following pop-up, click the “Reset” button
  8. The reset should complete immediately with a green dot and “operation finished” message for confirmation.